Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back In Ahmedabad

Got back home to Ahmedabad almost a month ago and working hard on settling down. Our things arrived from the US bringing some much needed cheer to our home. It's lovely to have all my favourite things and books around me again!
Also, the Arabian Sea was kind enough to send some really cold winds and misting rain our way so I actually got to stomp around in my much loved jeans and knee high boots, helping me create the illusion of being my normal self as I knew it over the past few years! Oh! The frivolous stuff on which my happiness rides!
And then, there's the new things that I get to enjoy now...the world's best oranges and guavas, custard apples and big fat gooseberries, winter vegetables, winter fashion (by which I mean wedding fashions because the wedding season of this part of the country is in full swing now!)
I want to say that life in India is good after all but I won't for fear of provoking the evil eye...