Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The long overdue update...

For quite a few months there I had taken a break from writing, partly because I got busy doing other stuff...extremely fun, also very healing as far as the R2I blues were concerned. Somehow, I couldn't quite write it as a blog article here but it worked well for a travel article. So, here's a link to my writing over at Milliver's Travels...an awesome travel blog that I sometimes write for -


I now wish I had thought to do something like this as soon as I landed in India...but of course life's a journey of discovery and this just happened by chance, I had no clue it would impact me in such a positive way! Not only was it soothing to the soul, it also helped me come to terms with the reality of Indian living...a chance to connect with everything that I had loved about India before I moved to the US and simply enjoy being an Indian in India.