Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The long overdue update...

For quite a few months there I had taken a break from writing, partly because I got busy doing other stuff...extremely fun, also very healing as far as the R2I blues were concerned. Somehow, I couldn't quite write it as a blog article here but it worked well for a travel article. So, here's a link to my writing over at Milliver's Travels...an awesome travel blog that I sometimes write for -


I now wish I had thought to do something like this as soon as I landed in India...but of course life's a journey of discovery and this just happened by chance, I had no clue it would impact me in such a positive way! Not only was it soothing to the soul, it also helped me come to terms with the reality of Indian living...a chance to connect with everything that I had loved about India before I moved to the US and simply enjoy being an Indian in India.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

R2I perks....Of family weddings and goofy goof ups!

Weddings Galore! Just concluded the last wedding on my DH's (dear husband) side of the family...his baby brother(my BBL) got married this month and we celebrated twice in two different cities in two different ways...

As the bride is Catholic,(the groom is Hindu) we first had a Catholic wedding and reception in Amchi Mumbai...two days of riotous fun where yours truly decided to role play to the hilt and dressed up like a traditional Gujju Bhabi (SIL) from Apnu Amdavad...but it's another matter that this bhabi pranced around like a cat on coke for most of the evening at the reception dance floor - and spent the next one week recuperating- oh well...so much for role playing! 

The Bride was utterly gorgeous in her wedding gown and and the beautiful wedding ceremony made me tear up...most of the extended family were around and we spent oodles of time catching up, cracking jokes, giggling giddily and generally regressing into a childhood state of wondrous excitement! And oh...how can I forget this...when we first entered the reception hall and seated ourselves we were served tiny glasses of sweet red wine which no sooner reached our hands, than disappeared down our throats... and then the reality blast... the MC announces that we are to stand up for the ritual toast to the married couple - talk about goofy goof ups! - oh well...I guess we just follow a different order, drink first-toast later!!!!

A few days later was the Hindu wedding in Mysore. The ceremony took place at home in the morning followed by the reception in the evening. Poor DH couldn't make it to the wedding as he was stuck at work so I was a lone traveler, homeward bound. It was a quiet affair with elegant decorations and melodious music (Carnatic Instrumental) under the stars...a lovely closure to the wedding season in the family!

Sighhhh...now it's back to banal reality...