Monday, June 14, 2010

How can you hate living in a country that you love so much?

Although planning my return to India was a bittersweet experience, I was more excited than sad about the move. I had loved life in the United States; however, I also had great memories growing up in India, so I was confident that my return would be seamless.

Well, so much for such high hopes!

After the jet lag wore off and the initial hoopla was over, I began to feel increasingly homesick for the US. I knew I would miss my life back there but I was not prepared for the gamut of emotions flooding my mind at the thought of permanently residing here again. The most bewildering thing about this experience is that I cannot honestly say I dislike my life here or find nothing to enjoy here. On the contrary, I am enjoying the abundant sunshine, delicious food, colorful towns and cities as I am traveling in country quite a bit these days, catching up with family, friends, and a host of other things.

Nevertheless, even as I am enjoying all this, something inside me screams for the US!

This has me in a quandary. How can I love this country, enjoy so many different things here but continue to pine for what I left behind?

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