Friday, February 18, 2011

Do you want an Audi?

Hey Ya'll! Do you want an Audi free of cost? Just come on over to Ahmedabad, India. I am right now on an "Audi Agent" hunt and I am sure to find one soon...If you are wondering what this is all about, here goes;

There was a very interesting bit of news in the paper today. A guy with flashy clothes and jewelry walked into an Audi showroom nearby my place and took an Audi Q7 for a test drive accompanied by the sales guy. After he had driven it for a while, he requested the salesman to drive it so he could sit back and enjoy the drive and the "view" alongside SG Highway (What view???Grimy rooftops and massive hoardings???) 
So the poor fool got out of the car and walked around to the driver's seat, when the "cool customer", slipped back onto the driver's seat and drove away, literally and figuratively leaving the sales guy choking on his dust!!! How easy was that?! 
Check this out..the showroom does not have security cameras, so they have no way of identifying him...apparently they have relayed information to the police check posts along the highways. Will this guy really try to get past police check posts with that car looking the way it did? My guess is, he will lie low for a while somewhere around here, change everything he can beginning with the color of the car and drive away with his aged parents, wife and kids or a bunch of kids or in some such "good citizen" avatar! 

Anyways, I finally got myself a bank locker and stowed my remaining jewelry in there...I don't recall if I ever mentioned this but our apartment was burgled a couple weeks after we moved to India and the stupid fools that we were, we had left some of our valuables here while we went out of town so, the thieves definitely had a ball...the police then told us that this city attracts out of town robbers due to its wealth but now I have this sneaking suspicion that it is not wealth alone but carelessness as well!

So, people moving back here, do watch out! We have some of the world's most enterprising people in our country!!

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