Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We really don't need to live in the past...

Another Midsummer madness...went out down with a cold, sore throat for a few days...just when I was beginning to think maybe, just maybe I am done with my sick days after all! But no big deal, it is on its way out too....
Anyways, to dispel the boredom brought about by this, DH and I visited the Calico museum, the famous textile museum of Ahmedabad. It was beyond anything lovely. Personally for me it was awe inspiring! I struggle to maintain my focus almost every few minutes when I am doing anything else other than reading and these people focussed for hours, days and years to create such beautiful pieces of cloth!. And to think they even supplied cloth for Egyptian funeral services where they buried a whole lot of household goods with their mummies and made them according to the designs provided by the Egyptians! To think foreign trade in such exquisite and highly refined ( custom made designer?) textiles has gone on for thousands of years from these shores is mind boggling. 
The guide who showed us around was knowledgeable and totally immersed in the glories of the past, extolling the virtues of the days gone by and bemoaning the sad state of people and affairs in the country today. She certainly has her points I suppose...but then life moves forward, demanding our attention and commitment to things beautiful and strange, regardless of how everything compares to everything else, past, present or future. Sometimes chaos does give way to clarity after it has destroyed a few extraneous things in its crucible...so why become so hopeless and keep running back to the past? Be it individually or collectively? 


  1. Oooohhhh, I wish I could visit the Calico Museum with you!

  2. Come on over Milli...we can do all that so much more!

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  4. Oh, I'd also love to visit the Calico museum! I can imagine how awe inspiring it was for you.
    And you're right, I think living in the past isn't the way to live. Living in the (distant) future isn't exactly right either. As hard as it is sometimes, the present is what we need to focus on.

  5. Hi Estrella...Thanks for stopping by...and the invitation's open to you too...do come on over! And yes, focusing on the present, soooo needed but sooo difficult! One of the reasons why I love writing, so I can stay present through the act of writing while my mind is free to wander across time and space to gather all the thoughts required for my writing.