Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why did I move back to India?

In a horrible mood today.

I wonder why I ever bothered to move back.

It's so easy to let matters get out of control.

Doing it amongst a billion insensitive people makes it a billion times more amazing experience. Yahoo...!!

However, the most important question - why are all my organs dancing on hot coals?

The country that is host to the largest population of homeless children in the world despite being a supposedly growing economy dreaming of world power has to be a country of callous people...

Stop feeling this absurd surprise already! empty spleen sure feels good!


  1. Interesting blog. Sharing feelings online is certainly cathartic.
    Perhaps an important reason most desis consider Return2India is family. Do share how family support is helping in your experience

  2. Will try...we live pretty far away from family, that's why there's so little mention of that aspect in this blog...